Friday, February 26, 2010

Let the Bodies Hit the Floor

Whoever did this is a genius. It is funny & scary at the same time. I especially love the parts where Hinn is whipping people with his coat.

(Courtesy of Jesus or Squirrel.)

Kids' Quotes

The kids say funny things. They make me laugh.

  • "Sawman" = Solomon
  • "Snag-o" = Stagno
  • "Incrappables" = The Incredibles
  • "Chucky Barns" = Lucky Charms
  • He used to call purple "Ravens," but he doesn't do that anymore. This morning I asked him what his favorite color was & he said, "Purple! Just like the Ravens!!"
  • Upon seeing a tampon for the first time, he said, "Mommy, that's for your butt!" How could he even know it's for that region when he's never seen one before?? Now he says, "That's for your 'gina!" But he's never seen me use one. Just so everyone knows. Not once. That would be a little sick.
  • "'gina" = vagina
  • One time I took a pregnancy test. I used one of the kids' little plastic cups & Solomon saw it on the counter & said, "I want some!" Then later, I guess he overheard me say it was pee in the cup & told me, "Mom, cups are not for pee."
  • One day we were driving to the Dena for the weekend (1 1/2 hour drive) & he had to pee during the trip. We pulled over immediately & encouraged him to pee in the grass. He got really upset & refused, saying, "No! Only dogs pee in the grass!"
  • When he wants something, he says his sentence a little backwards, Yoda-style, "Watch Dora, want to!" or "Have fruit snack, want to!" This is weird, because he says his other sentences correctly.
  • Apparently the "Mountain Song" (Mighty to Save) belongs to Solomon, because when we're listening to it, & I'm singing along, he shouts, "Stop singing! This is MY song! I'm not sharing!"
  • One night Jason & Solomon were both gassy & Solomon said, "Our butts are talking to each other!"

Charlotte (She doesn't say too much yet.)
  • "Dodo" (as in dodo bird, not doo-doo) = Dora
  • "Bellybuttubuttu" = Bellybutton
  • "Shu-shus" = Shoes
  • "Oh-ch" = Ouch
  • "Doh!" = No (she goes back & forth between saying "doh" & "no.")
  • "Num-a-num-a-num-a!" = I want food. Feed me.